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Election Predictions Coming Sunday At Noon

November 4, 2016

Every four years two things happen.

First there are the predictions.  Starting in 1980 (when I was 18) and every race for the White House since I have placed my thoughts down on paper–or computer.   Those who have anything to say after the ballots are counted about my predictions are only credible if they too have such a list to share.  That is the way we roll in the shire.

The second thing that happens every four years is the Election Night gathering that takes place at our home.  It is what might happen if you added the Super Bowl, World Series, and Wimbledon finals into one huge affair.  Since I am not sports-oriented means presidential elections have always been my party to throw.  Eight years ago fireworks were even set off on the sidewalk at our home at about midnight when we first said President-elect Obama.

James and I thought of the buffet menu for a couple of weeks which this year includes lasagna, salad, French bread, and Grandmother’s Country Jam Cake–which is made from scratch and when you think all the ingredients are included you then add about two cups of raspberry preserves.  Topped with cream cheese frosting!  She knew how to do it!  Throw in some wine, coffee, tea and chocolate cookies and we are carbed and wired to watch Darrell Issa in California fall from power out in California at about 3 A.M.   (Which is probably too late for fireworks, even in this neighborhood of liberals.)

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