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Federal Judges Order Donald Trump Supporters To Not Intimidate Voters

November 4, 2016

That one even has to be told not to interfere with a voter at the ballot box is simply galling.  But that is what needs to happen due to the low-brow behavior of supporters for Donald Trump.

Federal judges in two states issued rulings Friday as allegations swirled about potential issues at the polls — saying registration rolls were “likely” illegally purged in North Carolina and barring the Trump campaign from intimidating voters in Ohio.

In the Ohio case, a federal judge imposed a temporary restraining order on the Trump campaign, political operative and sometimes Trump adviser Roger Stone, and a group called Stop the Steal, Inc. which is associated with Stone, from “conspiring to intimidate, threaten, harass, or coerce voters on Election Day.”

They are prohibited from hindering voters “from reaching or leaving the polling place,” engaging in any unauthorized “poll watching,” or gathering or loitering near polling places unless they plan to vote. Trump has repeatedly called for his supporters to watch the polls for voter fraud and said the election would be “rigged.”

It is sad to see what Trump supporters have done to this nation.

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