Donald Trump Must Go It Alone

I thought this story was as important to read and digest as one about polls or voter turnout.  This story speaks volumes about the state of the race and the distance Donald Trump is from the main wide middle swatch of the nation who he needs to connect with Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton campaigned Friday in the company of friends and celebrities, first flanked by the billionaire businessman Mark Cuban in Pittsburgh and Detroit, and then at a concert in Cleveland with Jay Z and Beyoncé. High-wattage political leaders fanned out for her around the country: Her husband, Bill, stumped in Colorado, as President Obama rallied voters in North Carolina. By comparison, Donald J. Trump was a lonely figure. In the final days of the presidential race, Mr. Trump’s political isolation has made for an unusual spectacle on the campaign trail – and perhaps a limiting factor in his dogged comeback bid.

When it comes to bolstering Mr. Trump, the Republican Party is not sending its best: As party leaders have disavowed him or declined to back his candidacy, Mr. Trump has been left instead with an eclectic group of backup players to aid him in his last dash for votes. Though polls show Mr. Trump drawing closer to Mrs. Clinton, the most prominent Republicans in key swing states still fear that his unpopularity may taint them by association.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Must Go It Alone

  1. pkarm61

    Goes to show that Trump’s appeal is with the hard working blue collar American while Hillary’s ties are the elite rich who hate the flyover voters who do make America great. While Hillary needs gimmicks to attract crowds trump uses good old fashion hard work. I don’t expect trump to win and sadly a large portion of America will be leadership less for the next 4 years as Hillary has already started she does not represent much of America

  2. Let see what the facts show about that, pkarm. And why blue-collar voters have every reason to know leadership will reside in the White House for the next four years.

    According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, over the last six decades, history has favored Democratic presidents in terms of economic performance. The country’s unemployment rate has been lower at the end of every democrats tenure since Kennedy took office in 1961. Ronald Reagan, meanwhile, is the only GOP president since Eisenhower took office in 1953 who can say the same. Now you want to believe that the GOP is magically gonna do a 180 under Trump, even though he hasn’t produced one coherent jobs plan that any economists will agree with???

    But when voters ask the parties “how are you going to make my life better?” The democrats can say, “when we came in, the economy was collapsed, and we’ve restored it. We’ve restored income growth. We’ve restored unemployment.” Now whether that’s thanks to the Obama administration or thanks to underlying economic trends followed by the democrats is open to interpretation.

    But who cares about facts. Because Trump vowed to be “the greatest jobs president God ever created.” So that’s good enough. Even though to do so he would have to unseat former Democratic president Bill Clinton, who averaged nearly 242,000 monthly job gains during his eight years in office. And guess who was standing by his side? You guessed it, the candidate that has far more experience and will obviously be better for the economy and creating jobs.

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