Nevada Looks To Be Very Blue On Election Night

It is hard to see a scenario where Donald Trump can win (given how the others states are lining up for Hillary Clinton) without Nevada.  And that is not going to happen.

Jon Ralston (@RalstonReports), Nevada’s top political reporter, tweeted at 2:41 a.m. EST that Democrats have built up an insurmountable lead in Nevada, and he expects them to carry the state based on returns in Clark County (the Las Vegas area). “Dems win Clark by 11,000-plus, will be ahead overall there by 72K-plus, more than 2012. May be game over in NV for GOP.”

Then there is this from Ralston.

Trump’s path was nearly impossible, as I have been telling you, before what happened in Clark County on Friday. But now he needs a Miracle in Vegas on Election Day — and a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl championship is more likely — to turn this around. The ripple effect down the ticket probably will cost the Republicans Harry Reid’s Senate seat, two GOP House seats and control of the Legislature.

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