Reason For Stress In Florida For Hillary Clinton Campaign

One always hears that every vote counts–but in Florida that is perhaps more the case (again) than in any other state.   However, I have repeatedly pointed out the GOTV effort their by Clinton is strong and has been in full gear.

As of this morning the Secretary of State’s office reports, Republicans in Florida had cast 2.26 million votes by mail, or early, in-person. Democrats had cast 2,268,663, giving Democrats in Florida a lead of nearly 7,300 votes. Another 1,201,715 Floridians registered to neither major party also have voted … Robby Mook estimated Clinton was up 170,000 votes in the state that Donald Trump absolutely has to win. But those Clinton campaign officials could not or would not explain their optimism given that Democrats had a far bigger lead in votes cast four years ago. On the Saturday before election day in 2012, Democrats led in early votes by 104,000 votes. Obama went on to win Florida by about 74,000 votes.

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