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What Was The Worst Weather In Chicago For A Presidential Election?

November 6, 2016

Tom Skilling from WGN-TV is a treasure.  He knows more about weather and the art of forecasting than anyone I have encountered.  Simply love him.  One of his Facebook readers asked the question of this post.  As a weather geek and politico I found this interesting.

We had Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski check the records for the 36 presidential elections held since weather records began here in 1870. Over the years the city’s early November weather has varied from a balmy 75 degrees in 1964 (Lyndon B. Johnson) to a very cold high of 33 and low of 17 in 1892 (Grover Cleveland). Measurable rain has fallen 17 times and snow (all traces) four times. The worst weather seems to have occurred in 1932 (Franklin D. Roosevelt) when 1.24 inches of rain fell. The day started out mild with a high of 62, but turned sharply colder with the rain mixing with snow in the evening as the mercury fell to 37 degrees. Election Day 2012 was chilly with a high of 42. Light rain fell during the afternoon and early evening voting hours.

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