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Final Days For Donald Trump On National Stage Proves He Has Learned Nothing

November 7, 2016

There is a young man in the neighborhood who has a dog that is being trained to stop and sit at street corners, not bark at every biker that passes, and never to jump up every person who is seemingly a new best friend.  Over the months as this has played out in front of our home there has been much progress to report.

Wish I could report the same for the Republican presidential candidate.

Over the campaign’s final weekend, Donald Trump has again proved what type of person he is and how far from the mark he has fallen from being a credible candidate. At the end of his race for the White House he proved again to be shallow and mean-spirited.  Also a liar.

Hours after President Obama confronted a pro-Trump elderly protestor at a campaign event, and turned the crowd’s jeers into a call to “respect” all points of view, Trump twisted the moment into something it wasn’t. Trump falsely said Obama was “screaming at this protestor. And frankly it was a disgrace.”

Simply another lie from a man who I am convinced never is able to tell the truth.

Trump also blasted Hillary Clinton for campaigning with celebrities.  None wanted to be seen with Trump of course, and after the awful comments from Scott Baio there was no one wanting him on any stage.  Trump had the audacity to express shock at the kind of “lewd” language employed by Jay Z in his songs.   This after the whole world heard Trump talk about grabbing (you know what)!

In the most laughable event in Reno over the weekend, key campaign surrogates spread the word that a brief security scare – one that didn’t involve a weapons – was an “assassination attempt.”

Trump has had chances – many chances – to act like a person with any amount of common sense and decency and failed on all counts.  Tuesday he finish his days on the national stage of politics.

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