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I Saw The New Lazarus At Perkins Restaurant In Madison–Defies The Odds!

November 7, 2016

There is no way to do the math to explain what happened tonight.

After having about an hour phone chat with my best friend, Brad, and doing some others things around home tonight the idea of having dinner somehow got misplaced.  So at 9:30 P.M. it became clear that the best thing was to get food somewhere.  James and I decided on Perkins, a quick place on the far eat side of Madison.

I pull into their driveway and as my car headlights move across an almost empty lot they bring into sharp notice a light blue-two toned VW Beetle convertible with side scroll work–one that is unlike any other car.  The same one I once owned!

The one that was smashed in a thunderstorm at our home in July, and soon after was reported totaled by my insurance company.

The one as we got out to inspect tonight that had the same numbered identity on the steering wheel to show that is was one of only 1,500 worldwide.  This could not be!

The car I loved so much was in front of my eyes.  It did not take me long to find in the almost deserted restaurant the lady who owned it.  As soon as I said “are you the person who owns a VW in the parking lot….”—she stopped me mid-sentence and started saying “are you the owner who had it….”

From there our two stories poured forth.  Her husband had found the car on an auction site, knew that it was special, bought it and restored it.  She told me that he wanted to find the owner and hear about the car.  Little does she know I have the story of the purchase written down–or how the purchase was more than just getting a new car. James gave a business card and I know we will talk soon.  I have some books and such from the car and will be pleased to give them as they really should be with the new owner.

I was so pleased to see what I loved was back on the road, glad to hear that in a couple weeks it will be placed in storage for the winter, and that is again has a good home.  I placed my hand on the trunk of the car and was truly happy how it worked out.


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