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Will Donald Trump Concede Election Tonight Following Vote Count?

November 8, 2016


Donald Trump called into Martha MacCallum’s show on Fox News this afternoon, and, after a few opening Election Day pleasantries (the Republican nominee is feeling “really good about tonight”), MacCallum asked him about the lawsuit his campaign brought today, challenging the early vote at four Las Vegas polling places. Trump seemed a little vague about the lawsuit. He said his campaign staff “felt it was a pretty bad situation.” The lawsuit they proposed “sounded like a good one to me, so I let them bring it.” Then he said that his campaign had to keep the system honest. “I’ve been talking about the rigged system for a long time, Martha,” Trump said.

MacCallum sounded like she’d been waiting to hear that word, “rigged.” Quickly, she asked whether Trump would accept the result of the election if Hillary Clinton won it. “Will you accept that decision tonight? From everything you are saying, it makes me wonder.” Trump wouldn’t commit. “We’re going to see how everything plays out tonight,” he said. “I want to see everything honest.” MacCallum asked how he felt “about the peaceful transition of power that America prides itself on.” Trump said, “I do love it.” Then he said, “I also think when you see what’s going on with Hillary and the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice . . .” and he was off again, about Clinton’s e-mails. Trump did not say that he would accept the results of the election. He did call the system “broken.”

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