Trump’s Hate Speech During Election Now Echoed By Bigots In Madison

There is a most vile and mean-spirited situation taking place in this country.  And it is coming from the uneducated whites who were a central part of Donald Trump’s election success.

I was talking with a woman who broke down in tears following the election.  The reason was due to her extended family which is diverse and how they are now feeling after this election and the racism and bigotry which was condoned by that segment which supported Trump.

Tonight a local member of our neighborhood association writes how his son’s music teacher was at an ATM on State Street in Madison when the person behind her said “get out of here Chink”.

A classmate of mine from high school wrote from St. Paul that “this morning my dear friend was working out in her building’s gym. Two guys came up to her and snarled, “This is Trump country, now!” She is an American citizen of Iranian descent.

A friend reports that a local Madison McDonalds the day after the election a very rowdy and loud group of teenage boys were chanting louder and louder in the restaurant and as a lesbian she did not feel safe and left.  Her food paid for but not ate remained on the table.

I have heard some stories already about kids at our schools who have acted in ways that can never be accepted.  I have personally heard how some adult foreign students at a local college have been badly treated, some even physically.  A man from the Mid-East even had to pretend to have an American name so to be gainfully employed in our city.

Those are some of the people and stories I personally am aware of, and it pains me.

Nationally we have heard the awful reports of racist, pro-Trump graffiti painted inside a high school. A hijab-wearing college student was robbed by men talking about Trump and Muslims. At the New York University Tandon School of Engineering students discovered the name of the President-elect written on the door to a prayer room for Muslims. Yesterday, two Muslim students on our campus came out of their room to see “Fuck Muslims #Trump2016” on their white board. This happened at Middlebury!

A most sickening and growing number of such violence and hate-speech is being reported all across this nation.  And Donald Trump is the main reason why some now think such behavior is allowed.  It is not of course, and some sensitivity mandated training will be required in schools and places of business.

As for my city where I call home there is only one way to proceed.   We need to start thinking about ways to stand by the people in our community.  These are tough times—rougher and meaner than anything we have seen before regardless of how old one might be.

Let me make one thing clear.  And I know I speak for the majority who voted in this election.  License has not been given with the election of Trump to treat one another in the fashion we are hearing more and more about both in the news and now locally.    We are a great bunch of folks in the city I love and call home.  We must find ways to make sure it does not become acceptable in any way to make someone feel as an outsider or one less worthy of equality and our humanity.

Tonight a former Marine, Eric Campbell, and friend on Facebook summed it up better than I ever could.  I close this post with his words–words to ponder.

I chose to serve because I believe in the importance to serve someone and something greater than yourself – to ensure that all of us had human rights – to stand up for what was right. …I sacrificed years of my life (and my freedom during that time) because I believed it was worth it.

But guess what? I did it with the knowledge there was an unspoken covenant between those that serve and the country they served for. I served to ensure that immigrants felt safe coming to us. I served to ensure my mother, friends, and anyone else would have the same rights as I do, regardless of sexual orientation. I served to ensure that the country continued to move in a direction of improvement for not a subset of the population, but the *entire* population.

On Tuesday, that covenant was broken.

I feel betrayed. I’m hurt, angry, and I fear for many of my friends and loved ones.

And let’s be honest, as a white straight male, my fear is not for myself, but those I love and respect. Friends, family, strangers on the street. If this is what I’m feeling, I shudder to think what they feel.

Trump is not why I served. He represents the opposite of everything I served for. He’s shown himself over and over and over to be a despicable human being. Even if he magically becomes 100% sane and works to better the country now (I don’t believe that will happen for a second), what he’s already done and the way he ran his campaign has opened the floodgates of bigotry, racism, homophobia, misogyny, and xenophobia. The damage has been done.

Trump Voters Who Are Most Economically Fragile Will Feel Worst Results Of Policy Shifts

For years when working in local politics, and later during my years at the Wisconsin Statehouse, it was a fact that farmers would vote Republican and then complain about the policies that were implemented.  But come the next election those same voters had not learned anything and repeated the same pattern at the ballot box.  That was due to not enough attention paid to the actual policy needs of the communities where these voters lived.

On Tuesday–as we heard through much of the primary and general election season–a very strong statement was made about trade deals.  Voters who heard sound bites or read headlines, but for the most part never entertained the facts, let emotions sway their voting.  A vote that–this year more than ever before–should have been a most cerebral undertaking.

What so many of these angry white people failed to understand is that trade is such an elemental part of the modern global economy.  Upending those international links will produce the opposite effect of what they hoped for when voting.  What they were thinking, in fact, would damage economic growth.  If Trump’s policies were to be placed into effect it would diminish prosperity for all–not only here but with nations we have trading agreements with, too.  And that then impacts the stability of world partners.

During the election Trump threatened to slap tariffs on Chinese imports and to punish American companies that manufacture their products in Mexico. Those words brought shrieks of pleasure from the mouths of those at Trump rallies and made for a winning vote total in the Electoral College.  But such policy ideas would not make for sound policy choices and will not create viable job creation strategies.  And jobs seem to be the very thing Trump voters desire the most.

What the angry under-informed voters fail to grasp is our economy depends on access to a global supply chain.  One can not start to rip, tear, and bluster these agreements apart and not face serious and damaging consequences.  Regardless of what Trump supporters think the facts are–and facts do still matter even after Tuesday–Mexico and China are central actors in our inter-connected trade apparatus.

Therefore when there is tariff threats or an attempt to curtail private industry from working overseas it will increase costs for American households.  It Trump were to try too much with his bombast it might even ensnarl us in a trade war with China that would upend economic growth, perhaps on a global scale.

All this of course is more than what the average Trump supporter wants to hear.  I readily admit trade is not a sexy topic and there are no fun ways to gain knowledge on the fundamentals.   But taking the wrong path on trade will impact those most vulnerable in the nation–and it seems many of them turned to Trump in the presidential race.

I understand there is disgust for folks who have lots of books on their shelves at home and try to talk rationally about the affairs of this nation. We were shouted down and voted down this election.  I get it that those same voters are not going to regard the words like mine above with any sense of respect.  But I think it important we say it.  Not so we can later proclaim  ‘I told you so’, but instead to keep a sane conversation going now in this nation in the face of insanity.

If one were to champion a proposal for economic growth it would be a massive government funded infrastructure bill along the lines proposed by President Obama.  His bill was decried by the GOP Congress but it remains a most sound idea.  Get the blue collar workers engaged in solid jobs at remaking our airports, bridges and schools.  As a strong advocate of government spending to spur the economy this is one idea that Trump would find allies with in the Democratic Party.   (And support from this blogger.)   If Trump voters want to feel a positive impact they will stop mouthing the words of anti-free traders and embrace more government spending that will impact their wallets and improve the nation’s infrastructure.

Mood Of Nation Reflected On Front Page Of New York Times

The banner headline sums up the national mood.  The other stories add to the feel that is being expressed across the land.  There is much concern and stress caused by this election. There is dread and darkness ahead as expressed by many.