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Did Donald Trump Fool His Supporters?

November 11, 2016

This matter is something that has been talked about by a number of insiders for sometime–long before the election.  And certainly since the results Tuesday. Since many have argued Donald Trump was never a Republican would he then be something that conservatives would find truly troubling should he be elected?

If you listen now to the narrative among top GOP leadership aides on Capitol Hill and around D.C. it is that Trump might just govern like a middle-of-the-road, moderate New York Republican. Say it is not so—not like a Rockefeller!

Trump has stated he wants $1 trillion in roads, and I have already said such a proposal would garner support from this blogger as I firmly believe the government should fund an infrastructure bill and know it would produce economic vitality.

If you noticed the past two days he is not interested in answering questions about his plan to ban Muslims or build a wall on the border with Mexico.  While I know Trump is a most vile bigot and racist if one were to look at recent moves  it’s almost like he didn’t campaign on those issues for years.  Perhaps he will let Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell set the legislative agenda and play more golf and be the Chairman of the Board type president.  What if Trump fooled his supporters?

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