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Lesley Stahl Gets First Interview with President-Elect Trump

November 11, 2016

I so much respect and admire the work of Lesley Stahl.  If you have not read her book Reporting Live please do so as it is insightful and allows insight into the work modern journalists undertake each day.  This Sunday Stahl will conduct an interview with President-elect Donald Trump–his first extensive post-election interview on Sunday’s 60 Minutes.

This is something he will share with Barack Obama, who gave 60 Minutes his first interview following the 2008 election. It was 60 Minutes as well that secured the first joint interview with Trump and Mike Pence following the announcement of Pence as running mate. The Trump interview will take place on Friday, and it will air on Sunday.

By sitting down with Stahl for 60 Minutes, Trump is granting his first post-election interview to the broadest possible television-news platform. The long-running newsmagazine is television’s most watched news show, and receives a sizeable lead-in during the fall from NFL football.

I hope that Trump keep his hands to himself as Stahl is an attractive woman.

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