Fear And Dread In Donald Trump’s America

I see this type of story playing out in my neighborhood.  This is real and painful for all.

On election night, Selena, a student at Cal State, Los Angeles, in predominantly Hispanic East L.A., went to bed crying, and when she woke up the next day she was still in tears. She came to the United States from Mexico with her parents when she was two; now twenty-two, she has cobbled together the money for her education through under-the-table jobs and with help from the California DREAM Act, which provides tuition assistance for students without papers. For the past several years, Selena has had DACA, allowing her to work legitimately at a nonprofit that supports dropout prevention. Eliminating DACA is one of the more readily attainable of Trump’s anti-immigrant pledges. It is also one of the most bizarrely punitive, targeting students, high-school graduates, G.E.D. holders, and veterans who came to the United States under the age of sixteen. Like Selena, many of them migrated with their parents, and have younger siblings born in this country. Should Trump get rid of DACA, she told me, “that’s pretty much it for me. I will lose what I had and I would be back to zero. If ICE”—U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement—“were to come, they could take me.”

3 thoughts on “Fear And Dread In Donald Trump’s America

  1. SO what we have ,here is a story of an illegal who has been able to make something of her life. Two things first she is not going to be sent back there is no way to send back 11,000,000 illegal aliens and I don’t agree with that plan anyway, these are families who are established here.

    Secondly if she would get deported she would have the education to get a good job and then work on getting a visa and eventually work on becoming a LEGAL citizen. This country has open arms for legal immigration, we are country of laws and and we have a legal way to be part of the American dream,

  2. pattilynn9

    So, Selena wants to blame Trump and ICE for her predicament!? If she wants to get to the core of her problem, she should ask her parents why they did not come legally into (to them) a foreign country… instead they took up residence without legal immigration papers. It’s easy for her to excuse their actions and point the finger of blame at anyone and everyone else.

  3. That is rather cold and harsh. The fact is that this nation runs on immigrant labor and you and I both know the role these workers have here. To not nourish the minds of kids would serve no one. The next poet or therapist or inventor might be among them. I know Trump voters think there is going to be a great exodus of these men and women. And I tell you it will not happen. This nation will not allow it.

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