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“The Boys In The Boat” Is Tonic For Soul Following Election

November 13, 2016

This was a bruising, sad, and dispiriting election year. Following the outcome I needed something to change the focus and lift my spirits.  I needed a new book.

Off to my favorite local store I went and almost by design I was pulled to The Boys in The Boat by Daniel James Brown.  I promise you—if you have not already read it—there is a message of promise and hope written with such a powerful narrative that you too will be telling others to read it.

Nine young college-age men from Depression era America join the rowing team at University of Washington and defeat Hitler’s team in Berlin in  the 1936  Olympics.  I can personally feel some of the angst of Joe Rantz who seems not to fit in and then comes into his own in a powerful way.

You need not know much about rowing—or even an interest in the sport–to pick this book up.  There is the sweep of history as you are there with Hitler as he plans his stadium and with sports journalists who write about these inspiring young men.  And the writing—it always comes down to great writing—and Brown makes one feel the slate skies of Washington and cold water and aching muscles.

This book makes America one again.    And we need it.  I certainly did.  Just trust me—read the first chapter and…..we need this.


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