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Fat Man Out

November 13, 2016

The New York Post reports a story that is just heartening to read.  After the shallow performance as national boot-licker to Donald Trump over the past months I am SOOOO glad to see this news item.

President-elect Donald Trump is so disgusted with Chris Christie’s handling of the Bridgegate scandal that he’s kicking the New Jersey Gov. out of his inner circle.   

Said one source close to the transition team: “Trump thought it was shameful that Christie didn’t take the fall for [convicted aide] Bridget Kelly. Trump is really angry that Christie is sending a soccer mom to jail. He believes 100 percent that Christie was behind it all.”

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  1. November 13, 2016 6:32 PM

    At the risk of attracting vitriolic responses, I suspect the soon-to-be outgoing New Jersey governor (a term limit requirement, I think) may be facing his own litigation and possible incarceration — at least that’s how I’ve read NJ newspapers. And let’s not forget that the president-elect has to deal with his own litigation — over his “university.” The IRS may look into multiple instances of his using his charitable foundation to pay for civil forfeitures levied against him. And there’s always an outside possibility that the sexual assault statutes that nabbed Bill Cosby will also kick in for the president-elect. (This last is admittedly a long shot IMHO.) There could also be a forfeiture for the president-elect’s wife illegally working in this country while she had citizenship in another country and before she married the president-elect. It all boggles the mind, eh?

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