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Democrat Roy Cooper Has Claimed Victory In North Carolina Governor’s Race

November 14, 2016

It was a tough election year for those who make predictions.  Of the many I made this year most were off the mark due to the white-lash against America which took place.   However one of the races I predicted was the governor’s race in North Carolina.

Today I can report that despite gains by Republicans across the map, one incumbent GOP governor — Pat McCrory in North Carolina, who signed a law limiting the bathroom access of transgender people — may have lost his race, though it is very close. Democrat Roy Cooper has claimed victory, with 2,281,155 votes to McCrory’s 2,276,383.

While I predicted a loss for McCrory I did say that “No recount will be needed here!”  I always have to give a full thought of a race that interests me and though the end result will be correct the path getting there is not as I predicted.

Still there is plenty to cheer about as there was no other incumbent governor I want to see removed more than McCrory.  The problem that the very unpopular McCrory faced, among others, was the transgender bathroom bill.  It is pure bigotry.  It allowed the whole state to be stained as bigots.

Now in retirement from politics McCrory can contemplate that fact.

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