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White Nationalism On March In Trump Administration

November 14, 2016

It was as if a police car with siren blaring had roared down the street.  The news that Steve Bannon, the former president of Breitbart News, will be chief strategist and chief counselor to Donald Trump made for concerns all over the nation.  There were shudders from those who pay attention when Bannon was brought into the campaign in the closing months.  Now with this news there is clear proof that the stoking of white anger and the playing with political fire will be front and center in the new administration.

I fully understand that the vast majority of this nation is not overly bright. Nearly half did not vote which speaks volumes about that group, and another group (roughly a fourth of the nation) voted as it their head was lodged up their backside.  So when people talk, or as I write here, about Bannon being a main pusher of populist white nationalism many have no idea what that means.  Those who pay attention fully grasp that the anti-immigration and especially anti-Muslim agitation was created by design to enrage a demographic that teeters on the edge of reality most days.  Throw them a little red meat and they voted for Trump.

Now that level of fear-based politics has been given an office in the White House.  There is no doubt whatsoever that Bannon represents bare-knuckle style politics that is aimed at creating inflammatory instincts in Trump and his uninformed followers.   Trump voters have no idea what is happening when it is clear the next administration will embrace ethno-nationalism.  Recall that he didn’t want his children going to school with Jewish people.   Bannon called conservative commentator Bill Kristol a ‘renegade Jew’ and advised female victims of online harassment to ‘just log off’ and stop”‘screwing up the internet for men.”

Governing takes level headed people and so it does concern me when a bomb-thrower is allowed such access to a president.  The racist, fascist extreme right has an office in the White House!

Is it any wonder why I have such a low regard for the Trump voters in this nation who allowed this to happen?

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  1. November 15, 2016 8:35 AM


    I understand the point you are making. The reason I used the red meat phrase is that over and over Trump used that tactic. In his announcement for president he was using Hispanics in disparaging ways, and the birther movement that he worked at for years was red meat. His whole nationalistic approach was aimed for that angry white male who somehow feels that someone took their jobs, that social niceties are no more than political correctness, that we ‘need to take our country back’. All that is, to me as I watch politics play out–red meat being tossed out for those most wanting to hear it and then act on it. For over a year I have read or watched/listened to the Trump supporters and (we will probably disagree on this) but I think a common thread connected them. Obviously I am talking in the majority sense and not every single individual. I do think there were many white men, as an example, that could not get over that a black man was running the nation for 8 years and sure in hell was not about to let a woman govern. The use of such terms as weak Hillary or stating she did not look presidential all were bits of red meat. Again I get the larger point you are making, but the point I am making is also reality. It happened. And now we are at a point that President Obama had to stand and tell the world that this nation will still honor and support NATO. That is all we need to know about how far we have fallen. (BTW–I love to have your comments on my blog.)

  2. pattilynn9 permalink
    November 14, 2016 11:57 PM

    What I was objecting to was the phrase “a little red meat”…that I quoted in my 1st post. I think there were many/wide variety of reasons ppl voted for Trump. Not just voters who became “enraged and teetering on the edge of reality”. I read you as lumping all Trump voters into this one category. It’s simple not accurate. I gave the MTP example because it was another source of the same thing I was hearing.

    I know ppl who just couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.
    I know ppl who voted their pocketbook. “It’s the economy stupid” won for Bill Clinton.
    Jobs, jobs, jobs.

    I’m not denying that there are racists in America. There are. In both political parties.
    But not all ppl in either party are.

  3. November 14, 2016 10:20 PM

    So, patti,–and first thanks for the Meet The Press transcript—how then do you square the solid nature of rural America with the racism and blatant bigotry that has come from the Trump voters–and placing Bannon from the Alt-Right world into the White House–which I posted about here. If the rural voters are to be so highly thought of and respected where does the vileness come from? I ask this in a truly objective fashion as I have been out in the state and found some truly sad commentary in NW Wis that shocked and offended me. So I am really trying to understand this, too.

  4. pattilynn9 permalink
    November 14, 2016 10:04 PM

    IRL, I’ve been hearing for months resentment re: ppl on Tv using terms like “uneducated, under educated, no college, etc.” to refer to Trump voters…as tho they were “less than”. Ppl felt talked down to and it pushed them even closer to Trump.

    Sunday, I was struck by this excerpt from Meet The Press 11/13/2016. Seems it was felt more broadly than in just my little neck of the woods.
    (Sorry couldn’t find on video) Begin tape was an interview of a man who was expressing his feelings re: the terms he’d heard.


    Yeah, there’s, there’s– I want to throw one other thing out here. Let me play for you a comment by a reporter for reports on rural America for a publication called Progressive Farmer. He had a very provocative response on, on what happened post-election. But listen to this one piece of analysis, David.



    Every time you heard about these polls, you had heard that educated white voters were, were going for Clinton, while people, with– without college degrees or had no college, supported Trump. I think they took some of these things that were said over and over throughout the last four, five months of the campaign, also very personally themselves. That rural America is not uneducated, even though maybe there are fewer people with college degrees than there might be in the metropolitan areas.

    (END TAPE)


    That stung me because I, when we would say these things, it was an academic exercise. But the minute he said it, I was, like, “Oh, my, my late father would’ve kicked me in the rear for that.”


    Yeah. I, I had that, just watching that, mea culpa because it is demographically true, demographically true–

    CHUCK TODD: Yes.


    –that people with college degrees voted very differently than people with, with high school degrees. But when you say it, when you actually don’t have a college degree, you hear, “Oh, they think I’m stupid.”


    That’s not at all.


    I’m guilty of that because I use that shorthand too. And, and you saw so much sense of moral injury when you went around the Trump world, which I’ve been doing the last seven months. It’s, “I used to have a code of respectability, and those people are trying to take it away.” And the number of times this year I heard, “Flyover country. You guys think we’re flyover country.” Well, of course, you’ve always heard that, but I heard it, like, every hour.


    So did I.


    And, you know, the skepticism that has grown up about elites is totally justified.



    Since 2008, no one has gone to jail on Wall Street for the crash and elites have not been able to fix the problem, right? We haven’t managed to fix post manufacturing job growth. We haven’t fixed the issues to do with immigration.

    And policy makers have plainly failed both here in the United States and in Europe as well. People who have suffered because of that. And when they say, “Throw out economists, we don’t trust economists anymore,” you can totally understand why.


    This is very important because Donald Trump actually won a lot of people. We’ve got to give the president-elect his due. He was a tractor beam for the disappointed. He said to the people who were disappointed with the president on Obamacare, “Come to me.” He said to the people who were disappointed with trade, “Come to me.”

    He said to the people who were disappointed with the Supreme Court, “Come to me.” And he did run a campaign of bringing in the disappointed. And to the people who may be disappointed with their own lives and where they are. And they have a person to speak for them.

  5. November 14, 2016 3:27 PM

    But, Patti, you have to admit that racism and bigotry were used to ramp up the emotions and play to a segment of the nation who were receptive to hearing that message. I did not come from money or rank and yet I am sure that neither of my parents would have thrown the entire country under the bus because life was not working out. Where was the long-term thinking of voters and if there was none then I think if proper to call out the lack of education. At the end of the day on the whole list of issues that get talked about it all comes down to education. So calling it as I see it is the honest way I blog. And to now have Bannon in the White House—how would you label it?

  6. pattilynn9 permalink
    November 14, 2016 1:33 PM

    “…a little red meat…”
    Not so much that as a major condescending attitude and words often spoken towards their fellow citizens whom they label as uneducated, under educated, not bright, uninformed…etc. I’m sure you recognize the words. Ppl don’t like being talked down to, especially by those who are living entirely different lives.

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