Senator Jeff Sessions Not Liked Or Respected

Racist and nasty sum up Senator Jeff Sessions.

During his last set of confirmation hearings, before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions lost out on an appointment to the federal bench 

Witnesses testified that the Alabama Republican had called major civil rights organizations “un-American,” used racially insensitive language with associates and even said pot-smoking was the only reason he no longer thought the KKK was OK. His nomination was withdrawn after two fellow Republicans crossed the partisan divide on the panel to disapprove of his confirmation. 

Much as his colleagues may be loath to keep him in their chamber — he has frustrated both Democrats and Republicans with his refusal to consent to votes on popular legislation over the course of his career — the Senate should reject him for any post that requires confirmation. He is beyond the ideological fringe, and his service in the Trump administration would be a disservice to the country.

Recall that the military was the first major American institution to integrate, under the order of Harry Truman. Surely, Sessions wouldn’t try to resegregate American armed forces, in which he served, but his ascent to the top civilian defense job would send a terrible message to people of color who wish to protect their country.

The people of Alabama have a right to elect whomever they want to the Senate; but the Senate has a responsibility to prevent the federal government from becoming a haven for white nationalists and their friends. Sessions is a favorite of Stormfront, the white-nationalist web community founded by former Klansman Don Black. His confirmation would reinforce Trump’s appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon to the top strategist’s role at the White House.

Donald Trump Proves He Is Not In Control Of Transition, And That Taxpayers Will Be On The Hook

There is no doubt that Donald Trump did not expect to win and clearly had not set up any credible operation for a transition.  What is happening now it a farce.  Comical if not loaded with such troubling consequences for the country.

It’s been eight days since Trump was elected.   We have seen a huge bad scene play out as a purge was made in the transition team to get rid of any allies to Chris Christie, who himself was ousted as chairman.  That must really sting for someone who was sent on food errands during the campaign…..

Mike Pence has now taken over as chairman of the transition and is doing another round of purging, but get this, now it is lobbyists.  Also the name of former intelligence panel head Mike Rogers was eliminated.

This is astounding to see it play out as it underscores what so many (myself included) have said about the total lack of readiness or preparedness that Trump had for the job.    Recall that Trump’s position on lobbyists was clear from the beginning.  He did not like them.  Fine.

But when he went on “60 Minutes” Sunday and basically conceded their inclusion in the transition effort was necessary.  So that seemed clear as mud.

But now Mike Pence is essentially reversing Trump’s position.  All in a matter of days.

People who voted for Trump didn’t think things through (no surprise there). And now Trump says he doesn’t want to stay in DC but remain in his NYC penthouse. That’s going to be a security nightmare.

And guess what Trump voter/supporters? You will be picking up the tab for this.

If Trump’s going to spend the majority of his time in NYC, that tells me that he has no intention of giving up any of his ownership of his businesses. The man doesn’t pay taxes and brags about it. And now he will be living off the tax payer’s dime.

Fourth Estate Again Mistreated By Donald Trump

I get the fact some readers will not understand the gravity of the concerns raised in this post.  But on Tuesday night Donald Trump broke with protocol by leaving his Trump Tower residence without taking along his press contingent.  As the winner of the election that is just not an appropriate way to deal with the role he now has and the reporters whose job it is to keep abreast of him for the citizenry.

Trump was spotted at the 21 Club in New York, where the block was shut down and only a small group of reporters were allowed to stand outside the restaurant. Trump’s spokesperson Hope Hicks confirmed he was at the former Prohibition-era speakeasy, but said she “wasn’t aware of his movement” and she would never do anything to “leave the press in the dark.”   But many are not buying her story.

As a photo of Trump at the steakhouse spread on social media, the press pool said they had no information about the president-elect’s whereabouts. They had been told earlier in the day Trump would be not making any movements, but around 7:30 p.m., a couple of reporters leaving Trump Tower noticed a motorcade of at least a dozen vehicles and an ambulance.

Trump hadn’t made a public appearance since he visited the White House on Thursday. It is believed he has spent every day since then hunkered down in Trump Tower, holding meetings, speaking on the phone and hosting guests. A “protective pool” has not yet been set up for Trump, and once one is, Hicks told a pool reporter that reporters will have “all of the access that they have ever had under any president.”

The reason the press pool is essential is to be available to record events happening–be it in how governing takes place or some historic event such as an assai nation attempt.  The reason President Reagan’s assignation attempt was so well filmed was due tot he pool who accompanied him to the hotel for the afternoon speech prior to the shots being fired.    That is part of the job when covering a president.

This is not the first time Trump has left the press behind.

On his first trip to Washington, DC after getting elected, he and his aides didn’t allow press to travel with them, bucking tradition.

“This White House Correspondents’ Association is deeply concerned by President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to reject the practice of traveling with a ‘protective pool’ of reporters for his first visit to Washington since the election,” said White House Correspondents’ Association President Jeff Mason said in a statement. “In addition to breaking with decades of historical precedent and First Amendment principles, this decision could leave Americans blind about his whereabouts and well-being in the event of a national crisis.”


Race War Predicted In Letter To Madison Family Following Trump Win

There is no way to describe the following other than to say it is totally offensive.

Families who belong to Madison’s West Side Swim Club either received the letter or were mentioned in the disturbing, racist hate mail.


The letter refers to the recent election with the words TRUMP WON.

A local family, who is a member of the West Side Swim Club, received the letter in their mailbox on Tuesday. The letter refers to another family that is also a member of the swim club.

The letter contained disturbing language about white powers, privilege and race traitors.

It’s been a week since Trump was elected and sadly racist hate has been unleashed even in Madison.