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What About Repealing Affordable Health Care And Regulations?

November 17, 2016

There is so much froth in the mouths of those who simply do not grasp the enormity of governing. To repeal Obamacare, as some senseless ones desire, will take more than some care-free day in congress. Even Donald Trump has said that it will be met with something to replace it as millions of Americans are covered by it and it has proved to work for their health-care needs. The huge cost factors of undoing the law can not be overstated and has not been considered by the frothy ones.

Let us assume that congress wishes to use reconciliation.  To do so they must implement it as part of a budget tool.  And to do that both the Senate and the House must pass budgets. Remember how tough that is? The House didn’t even pass a budget this year. Then committees have to produce their own reconciliation legislation. Then it goes to a vote. This won’t be done as once the program is dismantled the hurdles, and costly ones at that, start to prove more onerous to cross than simply leaving intact the plan they are jazzed up about.

As to all those awful regulations that Republican carp about–well that is not as easy as it appears, either.  The Congressional Review Act allows Congress to repeal some Obama-era rules with just 51 votes in the Senate. But for that to be done in this manner the rule has to have been enacted in the previous 60 legislative days. That’s one area of low-hanging fruit for congressional Republicans, who will want to put points on the board immediately in Trump’s Washington.  But they will find not enough to make many nutty pies they so desire.

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