I Simply Do Not Care For Much Of Nation Following Election Of Trump

I first voted for president in 1980, but it was not until 1992 that a candidate I cast a ballot for won election.  Then there would be the trying years starting in 2001 that lasted until 2009.  But through it all I never once felt somehow estranged from the rest of the nation.  Never once did I feel that my fellow citizens who voted differently were somehow ‘the other’, or that they were anything other than run-of-the mill voters who had very different perspectives on policy than the ones I held.

But that is not at all how I feel since the election victory of Donald Trump.  I feel like there is a distinct and truly disturbing segment of the nation that is not at all like the one I had once thought was the other ‘half’ of this place I call home.  I feel that a large unruly, uneducated, angry, and reckless mass of voters demonstrated their true character on Election Day.  As a result they placed themselves on a level that I can not condone or abide.

I was amused as some people on Facebook had the audacity to request that now, following one of the most pitiful displays of politics, that everyone just come together and let bygones be bygones and allow a new spirit to join us as one.  Clearly the irony challenged live among us!

There is no way I want to wrap my arms in any figurative way around what has passed this year in politics.  When some wanted us to believe this election was like choosing between Coke or Pepsi and make it seem our vote was not about a most extreme turn of events should Trump win, I simply wondered how gullible voters really had become.   We soon found out as the most base came out in droves and supported the very things we were taught in our young years to never allow ourselves to partake in.  We saw the ugly side of human nature win out.

And I want no part of it.

While I understand the governing elements must allow for a smooth transition of power does not require me to link hands in any way with those who so thoughtlessly threw this nation off the cliff. Any embrace that gives comfort or aid to all that which is wrong is in itself wrong.  I will lend no support to those who have paved the way for bigotry or racism to find a place to perch and find a home.

I have always been fact-based even before I knew there was such a reason to be so defined.  I can not countenance the ignorant and shameful who live in this land.  The ones who I long felt were just differing on taxes and regulations, as the recent vote totals show, also fundamentally differ with me on morals, religious tolerance, and the need to decrease bigotry and racism.

Late last night on WGN radio I heard the words of Eric Berg read to the listeners spread out over 32 states.  His words moved me to get up in the darkness and write his name on a piece of paper so to find them in the morning online.  I feel he has stated it perfectly and applaud and agree completely.




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