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Will Brian Sikma Make Exorbitant Salary In Wisconsin State Senate?

November 19, 2016

This past election season we all heard how out-of-touch the establishment politicians are in the state.  We all heard the plight of the working class who pay the taxes and have a hard time making a way in Wisconsin with not enough jobs, or the higher wages so to make ends meet.  Time and again Republicans alerted voters they were the ones to make the right choices for a state that was in need of sound leaders and policy ideas.

With that comes the news conservative media critic Brian Sikma has left Media Trackers and is headed to the state Capitol.  I am pleased for him on a human level.  It was about this time many years ago that I too started working at the statehouse.  It was a remarkable job and one that allowed me insight into state government and an education second to none.  So I am truly pleased that someone else gets to feel that same sense of  awe as they walk each morning into the building.

Sikma is set to become a policy adviser in Republican Sen. Duey Stroebel’s office.  Up to now Sikma has been the communications director at Media Trackers for over five years.   He has had his share of rather harsh critiques of policy goals of Democrats.   But now Sikma has the chance to prove there is more to his politics than just rhetoric.

At a time when so many are not making a sound salary in the state I have to ask what will Sikma be earning in the state senate office?  This is is a one party district, and state senators have wide discretion as how much to staff pay.  I’d like to know if Mr. Conservative Senator and Mr. Conservative Advocate walk the talk, or if there’s an exorbitant salary?  And I suspect all those voters who heard the anti-establishment rhetoric this fall might want to also know.

I also have a rather odd–but pertinent–question to add.

Since Sikma will be commuting from Waukesha where he resides, how much should I bet when winter comes anyone can walk into Strobel’s office 5 days a week and find the new hire will be “working from home”?

I know some will find this post snarky.

Still others will just think this post should have been headlined ‘Walk The Talk’.

And so it goes.

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