“Indian Summers” Ends On PBS As Packers Lose Again

This evening James and I watched the series conclusion of one of the best PBS presentations in a very long time.  And that is a sentence with much consideration given Mr. Selfridge and Downton Abby were much adored here.

But there was something so grand and sweeping and deeply thought out about Indian Summers.  The characters and themes of India as British rule was waning proved a powerful mix.  The beauty of the cinematography was perhaps like nothing seen in such programming.

Each weekend when this series aired we truly looked forward to another does of intrigue, romance, and pithy lines delivered with the exact amount of  spit and shine.  A classy production and we are very pleased that PBS brings such fare to the airwaves.

As I turned it off and flipped to local news I noted the Packers were being slapped around this week by yet another team.  It seemed they were about 20 points behind and it appeared embarrassing.   Perhaps it is time those viewers took on a Sunday program that lifted their spirits.  Victoria is coming in January to PBS and since the Packers will not be on TV after the regular season is over this would be a great time to get in touch with what awaits on Masterpiece.

The production values never cease to amaze me and I know they will dazzle you too!

One thought on ““Indian Summers” Ends On PBS As Packers Lose Again

  1. Bruce

    I am a big Packer fan, but they have been disappointing this season. I’m also a huge fan of PBS, which seldom disappoints. I agree, the dramatic presentations are first rate. My DVR is full of Masterpiece episodes, just waiting for me to catch up. I’m currently watching Poldark, which is outstanding. I’m midway through season one of Indian Summers, also top notch. Highly recommended.

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