Richard Nixon Looking Down, But Not Smiling, As Monica Crowley Considered For Press Secretary

Donald Trump’s inner circle is tossing around the possibility of Fox News analyst Monica Crowley as press secretary.   This is not the first time she has been posted about on my blog.

Crowley wrote the fast-paced and most enjoyable Nixon Off The Record which illuminates the views and perspectives of Nixon in the final years of his life.  His time was filled with thoughts about international relations, political calculations, and reflections about the meaning of leadership and his role over the decades on the world stage.  As Nixon talked with Crowley there is the sense that he is also speaking to the history books.  After their conversations she would write the content of what the two discussed.  It was not ‘talking out of school’ as there is every indication that Nixon was aware of who the final audience would be when conveying his thoughts to Crowley.

One not need to be a fan of Richard Nixon to enjoy this book, and that also goes for Monica Crowley.  While I found her charming in the book I found her far less so over the years as she agitated her way on television with anger and often meanness.   It should be noted that Nixon was a determined political fighter too, but was always mindful of the past and determined to rise above it  while continuing to serve the nation.  That lesson did not take, it seems, with the one taking notes.

Crowley would be no worse than others who have been talked about for the important job as press secretary in the next administration.   But Nixon, I am sure, is thinking how such serious matters of international weight are being placed in the hands of those who have not proven they can handle even the small needs that a White House must deal with on a daily basis.  

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