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Reince Priebus Wants Us To Think Up Is Down, In Is Out, Truth No Longer Matters

December 5, 2016

Over the past many months I have often been called an elitist on Facebook for arguing that the populist wave which struck America was spawned from uneducated voters.  There is no way that a sound thinker would vote for a candidate who did not have fully developed policy proposals, or have an ability to talk even for 60 seconds on a topic with contradicting himself.  No serious voter would support a candidate who admitted he did not read much and even disliked reading in general.  Lets be honest and say much of the nation consists of Homer Simpsons.  Frankly, there is no more polite way of stating the truth.

My readers will have to admit the same following the Sunday morning news shows where a most absurd statement made by Donald Trump was again the basis for questions.

Recall last Sunday when dumbfounded news organizations rushed to cover Donald Trump’s positively Pinocchean assertion on Twitter that “millions” of people voted illegally on November 8.   Simply off-the-wall-bat-crap-crazy.   The statement was aimed at the ill-informed, under-informed, or as I term them, stupid voters.

Yesterday the news organizations were up against the obfuscation of Trump’s surrogates, who did their damndest to justify Trump’s voter-fraud untruth!  It was simply a sight that one could not have scripted any better if desiring to show how the Trump operation is playing to the lowest common denominators in the land.

On ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos was trying to talk some sense into Mike Pence , who said, “I don’t know that that is a false statement.” Stephanopoulos: “But can you provide any evidence to back up that statement?” Pence: “I think he’s expressed his opinion on that.”

Then there was the slimy Reince Priebus who went even further on CBS, telling “Face the Nation Host” John Dickerson, “I don’t know if that’s not true. … There are estimates all over the map.” Dickerson: “But you think millions of people voted illegally?” Priebus: “It’s possible.”

It was simply the most embarrassing set of interviews I have seen in a very long time.  Their political staffs must be just outraged that otherwise smart men could become like the three-thumbs they play to across the land.

Therefore, if being reasoned and factually based makes me an elitist than I claim the title and wear it proudly.   I never will submit to those who have turned this nation into a laughingstock.

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