“Born The Hard Way” Shows America Welcomes Immigrants, Super Bowl Fans Will See Trump Slap Down Over And Over

The Muslim ban that Donald Trump is trying to foist on the nation is simply the most un-American action that I have seen attempted in my lifetime.  I am 54 and have seen a great deal, but nothing cuts to the core of who we are as a nation, a people, or our ideals as this horrible action.

But we are not going to sit back and take it.  I know we are better than hate.  Trump’s action is not a reflection of our history or where we plan to head moving forward.  That fact is plain for all to see–including the Super Bowl commercial that places the immigrant front and center and someone to be brought into our communities and inner circles.


Mixing Cultures Adds To Joys Of Life

The first post on this blog for 2017 was about the fact that what unites people from various countries and religions are far more important than what some would try to use as means of division.  I felt that the immigrant issue this year, and the attempt to use Islam as a political weapon, would be front and center from some in this nation.  I was correct.  And sadly so.  Right out of the gate I wanted to use this place on the internet as a way to strongly reply in opposition to such uneducated actions.

Therefore I want to add to the stronger theme of unity which I know–we all know–is the best way to proceed.  Here then is the way Eastern Britain looked like just days prior to last Christmas as reported in the much-loved Bagehot column found in The Economist.

Sure enough, the local Poles’ traditions were widely evident. In a shop named “White & Red”, green-grey carp glistened in ice boxes; shelves groaned with pierogi (dumplings) and bottles of bison-grass vodka; piles of sachets variously containing hay and communion wafers teetered by the till. Gosia Bates and Joanna Bialas, two locals, explained that each ingredient features in the Wigilia, or Christmas Eve, meal. This involves hay scattered on the floor (to evoke the nativity), wafers broken before the meal and 12 dishes including carp, herring, pierogi, mushrooms, beetroot soup and poppy-seed cake. No meat or alcohol is taken, so the vodka comes out at midnight. The steady traffic of local Poles in the shop spoke to the strength of this foreign culture. “Every year my uncle sends me this from Silesia, for good financial luck,” said Mrs Bates, producing a shiny carp scale from her purse.

Below the surface, however, something else is happening. Britons also shop at “White & Red”, lured by the garlicky sausage and crusty bread. And Poles are picking up British habits like eating turkey and watching the queen’s Christmas speech. Those who, like Mrs Bates, have British partners are leading the fusion: her Anglo-Polish son receives British chocolate from the Polish St Nicholas on December 6th; her Christmas tree is decorated towards the start of the month (the British way) but will stay up well into January (the Polish way); her son receives half of his presents on December 24th (Polish) and half on the 25th (British). She serves turkey on Christmas Day, as is typical in Britain, but also leaves a chair empty—a Polish tradition respecting strangers. When relatives visit she cooks an English breakfast, which they love (apart from the baked beans). She enjoys crackers but feels “a bit silly with a paper hat on my head”. Ms Bialas plans to create a similar mix of cultures for her baby, due in 2017.

Without oaths, integration classes or other forms of state do-goodery, central European cultures in Britain are melding with local ones. Children are leading the way. Right after the Brexit vote teachers in Ely had to sooth not just upset Polish pupils but also British ones who fretted about losing their pals. Ms Bialas describes school pick-up time, when Polish and British parents tend to stick to their own, but children pour out in a multinational muddle. Ask the Polish ones which football teams they support, she says, and they often name two: one Polish and one British. Some have become so British that they now struggle in their native tongue, getting A* grades in maths but Ds in Polish written exams. This even extends to the liturgy. Mariusz Urbanowski, a local Polish priest, says he mixes the two languages in his festive services, to cater for different generations of Anglo-Poles.

My Free Political Advice To Trump

Ok, Donald, put down your phone gadget and concentrate.  What I am about to say will without doubt be news to you.  But all those others up on the Hill are keenly aware of what I am about to key you into.

Fights from the White House, which we have been ‘treated’ to in the past 12 days, will just make it that much more difficult for you to make good on your legislative promises. Recall when any person who sits in the Oval Office gets into a fight with members of Congress there is an old refrain which one needs to be mindful of.  ‘We were here before you, and we’ll probably be here after you.’.   I see you are not grasping what I mean, Donald, so let me state it more clearly for you.  Congress frequently has the leg up on anyone in the Oval Office and in the end will get their way.

What do I mean?  Let me give you an example.

Donald, I do not think it wise to make fun of a senator who had tears flowing from his eyes over your disdain for Muslims.

Best Line Of The Day Comes From Walt Hickey

The best line today.

President Trump signed an executive order Monday that would require two federal regulations to be rescinded for every new federal regulation implemented. This is fantastic news, as I have been a long-standing proponent of the idea that the government that governs best is the government that governs like it was cursed by a woods witch after getting caught in her garden in a German folktale.

Trump White House Shrouded in Crisis

I suspect the atmosphere in the White House is so heavy with disruption and concerns that Donald Trump has not even the time to commit sexual predatory acts.  You know, the type he openly admitted to committing on an audio recording which was released during the campaign.

For starters Senate Democrats correctly announced that they were boycotting a committee vote on two of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees, drawing fury from Republicans.  The Senate Finance Committee was set to vote on the nominations of Congressman Tom Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services and Steve Mnuchin for Treasury secretary.

Senator Wyden of Oregon, the ranking Democrat on Finance, said in a statement that the two nominees “have misled the public and held back important information about their backgrounds. Until questions are answered, Democrats believe the committee should not move forward with either nomination.”

The murky nature of their backgrounds makes them perfect for this administration but would not allow for the rank-and-file citizens to have faith in their government.  At the end of the day that seems one of the foundational needs this country must correct.

Meanwhile Trump’s nominee for education secretary, in written responses to questions from senators, appears to have used several sentences and phrases from other sources without attribution — including from a top Obama administration civil rights official.  Nominee Betsy DeVos is a sad piece of work.   She is void of background on education which she would love to make others think is her first calling.  Promoting her ideology is her main desire to have power.  If there was one person who should be rejected outright by the senate it would be DeVos.

But things do not stop there for what ails this White House.

It’s been 44 years since the last time a president fired his top officials at the Justice Department.  It was chilling to be have the top official accused of by Trump as having ‘betrayed’ her duties.  For folks who read history and  understand the use of language there is a concern for how words are employed.  What Trump did was vile.  And I used that word for the weight it carries.

When was the last time an ally head of state canceled a meeting with the person sitting in the White House?  And have it happen in the first week of taking office?

Consider the botched U.S. military raid in Yeman.  “Almost everything went wrong,” an official stated this week about the Sunday’s raid which resulted in the deaths of a SEAL and the 8-year-old daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki.

And then there is the need for a former president to speak out concerning the one who currently resides in the White House.  Recall that it never happened in the last eight years when the past president criticized the new one, as Obama’s statement on Trump’s immigration/travel ban did yesterday.

The Trump team is so inept that they have given the Democrats the lifeline they needed following a most upside-down election.  Even though the vast majority of the voters (to the tune of 3 million ballots) supported the Democratic ticket the fact is the party is floundering for a message.  Just eleven days into the new term Democrats have found their message and it was given to them thanks to the incompetence and chaos that makes up Trump’s world.  The party has found its cause and that is blocking the Trump agenda.  The protesters, the mocking words of Trump towards Democratic leaders, and troubling legal twists over a Muslim ban mean  there is a message for the party to send to the base.  We will unite shoulder to shoulder and work tirelessly to stand in Trump’s path.

And so it goes.

Best Donald Trump Political Cartoon Of All Time As It Says Everything


Thank You President Obama For Speaking Up About Muslim Ban

Thank you President Obama for criticizing Trump’s executive order curbing immigration and for backing protesters who have taken to the nation’s airports to express their displeasure with Trump’s action on Friday.

“With regard to comparisons to President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, as we’ve heard before the President fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion,” said Kevin Lewis, spokesman for the former president, in a statement.

Obama promised to speak up only when the foundational principles of this nation were being undermined.  It was clear to all when Obama made that statement prior to leaving the White this nation was entering troubled times with Trump and would require grown-ups to speak.  No other president leaving office has had to issue such a statement as no incoming president has had such a low character and lack of ability.  Even Andrew Johnson, though a pitfall poor leader, at least had a few weeks of being a vice-president.

“Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake,” Lewis said.

Democrats Wrong To Reject a Court Nominee Before One Is Even Named

Senate Democrats are going to try to bring down Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick no matter who is chosen to the fill the current vacancy.  That news today is simply the wrong way to head as we move towards a court selection.

With Trump prepared to announce his nominee on Tuesday evening news was made when Senator Merkley stated in an interview that he will filibuster any pick that is not Merrick Garland.

As readers know the Suprmee Court was the Number One reason I supported Hillary Clinton for the White House.  I fully grasp the magnitude as to why this court battle is so all-important.  But for Democrats to throw away all political skills over this matter is absurd.

It is folly to say that even before a nominee is named that person will be totally unsuitable.  The American public will find this attitude wrong.  For those who agree with me and want a nominee who is not a strict constructionist or holds to some other judicial oddity, the move to reject anyone–even before being named–is simply most problematic.   The short-sighted tactic now will harm us later when the strong support from the public may very well be much needed.

With certainty a highly conservative nominee will find that the vast majority of the Democratic caucus will be in opposition.  That means Trump’s nominee will need 60 votes to be confirmed by the Senate.  And should the nominee not be in the center of judicial thinking the use of power should be employed to stop the nominee.

But the public will reject as unfair the tactic that Democrats are making prior to a name even being offered for nomination.  That attitude is not the way we should ever undertake the art of governing.  I certainly do not want my side of the aisle operating in this fashion.