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Another Reminder Of How Far Gay People Have Traveled

January 2, 2017

While reading a story about new plays that deal with gay themes came this paragraph that made it very clear how far we have come in just a few decades.

While I liked “Significant Other” and “Bright Colors” much more than “A Life,” I certainly never felt like I was watching an outmoded cliché in these plays. They depicted their characters’ predicaments with frankness and honesty. More important, the context has radically changed since “The Boys in the Band” opened. (Those reviews, by the way, can make for queasy-making reading: “Neither obscene nor disgusting,” remarked The Chicago Daily News, almost in a tone of surprise. “A funny, sad and honest play about a set of mixed-up human beings who happen to be deviates,” opined Time magazine.)

Time magazine!

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