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The Disdain About Facts By Trump Voters

January 3, 2017

One of the more troubling aspects t0 2016 was the almost gleeful rejection of facts by supporters of Donald Trump.  It is dangerous for our democracy and also embarrassing for those who follow how the rest of the world views our nation.   The idea that fake news sites and their simply outlandish stories could gain ground in this nation speaks volumes about how shallow many voters are and also how close we are to the tipping point into chaos.

Without a sense of commonality as to the basic facts concerning any number of issues our nation needs to wrestle with means we are splintered and factionalized in ways that can lead to destabilization.

We have all seen the videos of the Trump rallies and can in our minds summarize the type of person who was tricked by rather skillful rhetoric and hucksterism into casting a ballot for the top of the GOP ticket.

But as I have pondered the election results and attempted to make sense of it I kept coming back to one thought.  Other parts of Trump voter’s lives have to be guided by facts.  Even when they did not allow facts to guide them on matters such as the relationship between a candidate’s business dealings with international bankers and the shaping of foreign policy.    Or how there is only one political party in the entire world which does not accept climate change.

So how do these voters who can not properly evaluate facts about politics deal with other aspects of life?

For instance how do Trump voters, say in Wisconsin, make an informed choice about the purchase of a snow blower without considering different makes and models and reading about a product’s qualities and price?  Do they think Consumer Report is a rigged offering and not to be trusted?  When a Trump voter buys a new car are they not believing that automakers are legally required to disclose their cars’ fuel efficiency on the info listed?  When Trump voters deal with buying a house are they sneering at what must be rigged standard forms from lenders that describe the terms of a mortgage?

When Trump voters send their kids to college  (OK, no laughing) are they highly skeptical of the federal Education Department’s College Scorecard which reports the graduation rates and earnings of colleges’ alumni?

In other words where do the antics of Trump voters start and end?  It is not possible the fact-free zone is as large as to encompass their entire life.  Or is it?

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