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Meryl Streep Speaks For Majority Who Cast Ballot In November Election

January 9, 2017

There was one remark more than any other from Donald Trump in the 2016 election that made me see red.  It was the most heartless and mean comment that came from the mouth of the most flawed candidate ever to seek the presidency.   No one who was ever raised in a decent home, or try to live by the word of the Gospels, or have any sense of humanity can condone this trashy behavior.

No one can spin away the fact of what is clear for all to see.   Having this in the public consciousness and then to have voters accept such vile behavior is without logic.  This is why so many of my fellow Americans correctly feel that we  are ashamed and embarrassed by those voters and the result that now impacts the entire world.

Last night Meryl Streep stated for the entire nation what the majority of those who cast a ballot this past November feel.  She did speak truth to power.

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