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Thank You President Obama

January 10, 2017

President Obama took the stage in Chicago this evening and again demonstrated why he is loved, admired, and deeply respected by so many of my fellow Americans.  In his farewell speech he used his soaring intellect to connect us all to the enduring American ideals along with a need for concerned citizens to keep working and moving toward more change.

Over the past eight years I have been reminded time and again what deep reservoirs of patience Obama has demonstrated in the face of some of the most scurrilous political attacks which any contemporary president has had to deal.  With grace and poise he has remained above the storm and marshalled on in the pursuit of the national needs.

When so many other politicians have been boisterous and verbally combative President Obama has resorted to reflection and pondering a matter before providing a deep, meaningful and precise response.

When many voters relish the shallow and even blatantly wrong dis-information so to not be required to address national issues in a productive manner it was Obama who never detoured from reason but battled on the high ground of facts.

This evening Obama said “Tonight it’s time for me to say thanks.  You made me a better president. You made me a better man.”

Let me say that it was you, Mr. President, who has made this nation a better and stronger place due to your public service.  With a full heart and the deepest admiration thank you.

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