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Nation In A Most Troubling Place

January 13, 2017

I could give only the quick version and report America is in a very awful mess that threatens our national foundations.  I could end this post with that one line. While that would be accurate it would not allow the reasons I feel this way.  What we have witnessed this week should deeply concern all of my readers.

A sizable segment of my fellow Americans believe Donald Trump is compromised by the Russian government.  There is a genuine feeling that Russian influence has not only impacted the election but also has in some ways a controlling interest in Trump.  Trump only adds to this anxiety in the country with his relentless attacks and criticisms of the U.S. intelligence community who alerted the nation of the findings of foreign attempts to interfere with our election.

As the events show–and as more evidence is reported daily–we have every reason to be disturbed.  Trump’s incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn reportedly phoned Russia’s ambassador multiple times after the Obama administration announced its sanctions on Russia.  Politics use to stop at the waters edge in this land and serious questions must be asked–and answers obtained–as to what is happening with Trump and Russian President Putin.  While I understand that Trump supporters probably have not heard of the Logan Act the serious minded who care about this nation have, and need to be vigilant.

The public is not lined up behind the next person to sit in the Oval Office.  The Washington Post is reporting that only 44% of Americans approve of Trump’s performance so far according to Gallup.  Be mindful this is severely below where most president-elects are in polling at this time as they are about to take the oath of office.  The same polling operation showed Obama stood at 83% at this same time eight years ago.

As I noted this morning I am very much in favor of the inspector general reviewing FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email story.  What is troubling however is the continuous petulant manner in whuch Trump deals with matters such as this one.  Trump tweeted this morning that Clinton was “guilty as hell” and by doing so undermines his role, the use of power, and good taste.

This nation is in a very sorry place and while I would like to say things will get better facts do not allow me to make such a statement.  What we are all watching and reading is a person who was allowed to rise to power and in no way cares about the real foundational structures of the nation.  Because there is a lack of concern, regard, or even knowledge from Trump about these matters it can only be concluded that the political, social, economic, and cultural aspect to our nation is set up for a tremendous and dangerous shock.

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