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Health Care Is Republican’s Political Albatross

January 17, 2017

With over 50 attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act during the past years under their belt the Republicans now have the political power to make it happen.  But for all the bombast and bluster the same conservatives who breathlessly work to real ACA have no idea how to bring forth a new health care plan for the nation.

There is a major math problem for the conservatives in that there is no way to have a viable plan that allows for pre-existing conditions, keeping children up to age 26 on the parent’s coverage, and have no cap for coverage without the mandate.  The mandate is the tool which allows for the ACA to work.

So with no real health care plan from the GOP in the works, and the basic problem listed above, many politicos are thinking that ‘repeal and replace’ will instead end up being ‘repeal and reform’.  There is a strong political reason as to why this may be most expedient route for the GOP.

President Obama’s signature health-care law has never been more popular and Republicans are aware of that fact.  According to a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll 45% percent of respondents believe the federal health-care law is a good idea — the highest percentage since the NBC/WSJ poll began asking the question in April 2009.  Meanwhile, half of Americans — 50% — say they have little to no confidence that Republican proposals to replace the ACA will be an improvement.

There are over 20 million people who are covered with ACA.  State governors–slightly more than 30 in the nation are Republican–will not wish to see huge spikes in Medicaid cases or feel the need to find ways to fund health care through state programs.  There is a strong desire for the Republicans in congress to not create a real health care crisis.

What has been allowed to happen is that the cranky and undereducated in the nation gained too much leverage within the GOP.  Politicians can be weak and often scared of their own shadow.  So instead of informing their base of facts about the ACA conservative Republicans instead started to mimic the mindless ones to the point that now the nation is fearful about the future of health care.

We know there is a mood in the country for political pay back.  Like nothing of the kind we have seen in our lifetime.  This is time, therefore, for establishment-minded Republicans to think long and hard about the mid-term elections as they deal with health care.

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