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What Happens In Crisis When Donald Trump Has Too Often Maligned Truth With “Alternative Facts”?

January 23, 2017

For weeks I have been grousing to James there is not one person Donald Trump has named for his White House team who has any governmental experience.  There is not one person who has institutional memory.   No one has any knowledge of how the White House operates.  Reince Priebus is not the seasoned professional who should be chief-of-staff.  He is simply a political hack.

With everything that happened from the dismal and dark inaugural speech to the fiasco over how thin-skinned Trump is over lower than expected turnout for the swearing-in is due to not having professionals in charge.  I noted throughout 2016 that a resume matters.  Only the angry nit-wits in the land thought otherwise.  And we know who was proven correct this weekend.

But what happened over the past 72 hours has larger ramifications that should concern us all.

I have asked before on this blog that given the willful lying about facts from Trump and those around him what would happen when a crises takes place and the words of a president needs to be heeded?  Where will the trust factor be after so many false statements have been uttered?

This weekend I was stunned–and God knows none of us should feel that sensation given all that has befallen us since the election–when senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said that the White House Press secretary was using “alternative facts” when speaking to reporters.

When such a slimy tactic is applied in the future to substantive matters of government and national security it will send a sound akin to a death rattle for democracy.

Using lies, or as the Trump administration now terms it alternative facts”, means that Americans and leaders around the world will no longer  believe our president.  That would be a dreadful outcome.

But this White House–even in the first days–seems not to care that it has no understanding about the gravitas of the job, the scope of issues that pound down on the highest seat or power, or how to mage the coming issues in a coherent and rational fashion.

At some point it may understand but for the nation it may be too late.

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