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Slowing Brexit Is Good Move

January 24, 2017

The news today was positive for the interests that wish to see Brexit slowed down with a softer landing at its conclusion.

Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that UK government must hold a vote in parliament before beginning the process of leaving the European Union.  There is not a mystery as to how this matter ends–as Britain will leave the EU.  But the process of making that happen now makes it more likely that certain conditions will be more in play.

This blog was in support of the placement of Theresa May as prime minister.  She is smart and when compared with the alternatives who also sought the office there really was no other way to proceed.    While she was opposed to Brexit at the time of the vote she has made it known since taking office there will be a resolution of the matter in the way the voters wanted.  But the secrecy with which she has wrapped herself has only confused matters. Therefore the ruling today was reasonable.

The decision today is a complication for May–to that there is no doubt. She had not wanted the parliament to be engaged at this point in the process.  But now that is exactly what will happen.  Though the MPs as a whole think Brexit is economically tragic they too will go along with the wishes of the voters–even though many of the voters had no idea what they were casting a ballot about.

Why this matters is the political pressure that will be exercised in the near future should car makers leave the country or banking firms leave for other nations.  Economic chaos will make May reconsider her views on matters such as migration of workers–which she needs to readjust so her views line up with the needs of her country.

May had wanted to trigger Article 50 — the legal mechanism that begins the process of leaving the EU — by the end of March. That process was to have lasted two years.   But with MPs involved the trigger date is in doubt as to when it will start.  Tonight I read that the opposition Liberal Democrat Party and Scottish National Party who are both opposed to Brexit will have many “serious and substantive” amendments to the government’s bill.

And so it goes.

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