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Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill Needed

January 24, 2017

I have long argued for a major infrastructure plan for this country.  I was displeased that the Republicans in congress did not support or work with President Obama when he proposed a bill in his second term that would have generated jobs and needed internal improvements.

An infrastructure bill will be a source of economic energy that will produce a positive outcome if structured properly. Fly into any major airport or ride the transit in Chicago or Amtrak in DC and it looks at times one is in a third-world country. So there are plenty of needs for federal funds to be sourced to projects across the land.   The national gain would be positive.

When it comes to the fight between Donald Trump–who campaigned on a $1 trillion dollar plan–and those conservatives who feel funding of this type is not the role of government or that is will add red ink to our nation, God help me, but on this issue I agree with Trump.  I am one who thinks the hypersensitivity to debt vs. growth is not merited.  Trump seems to agree based on his statements and his thinking that our national economy needing to ‘prime the pump’.

Therefore I am happy with the movement from those who view this matter as I do.  It will be good for the nation.

“A group of senior Senate Democrats on Tuesday plan to unveil their own $1 trillion plan to revamp the nation’s airports, bridges, roads and seaports, urging President Trump to back their proposal, which they say would create 15 million jobs over 10 years,” the Washington Post reports.

“Eager to drive a wedge between the new president and congressional Republicans, Democrats consider talk of infrastructure projects as a way to piggyback on Trump’s frequent vows to repair the nation’s crumbling roads and bridges and persuade him to adopt ideas that would put him at odds with GOP leaders, who have done little to embrace what would amount to a major new government spending program.”

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