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Trump And The Local Bookstore

January 27, 2017

Needing a new world atlas I headed tonight to a local book store. A woman showed me the shelves where I could browse for what I wanted. “Anything else I can do for you?” she asked.

Being in my usual good mood I said “Yes, where would I find your alternate facts section?” Her face went blank for a moment and then smiling broadly responded, “Oh my, I will have to think about that.” She laughed as she walked away.

For the record I bought the National Geographic Family Reference Atlas Of The World.  I know the whole world uses their handheld gadgets for everything but James and I like the traditional way of opening a large atlas and locating this mountain range or river.  Combined with my Atlas of World History which I have had for much of my adult life I am set for a while with maps.  (I think).

This week I was looking for a better view of St. Petersburg when the U.S.S.R arched over what is now Russia.. It was then I knew two things to be true.

  1. I get value from my books as I seem to keep them forever–or until political boundaries change.
  2. I will use almost any excuse to head to a bookstore to buy something else.


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