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“Shame On You, Mr. President”

January 29, 2017

Perfectly stated today in the Boston Globe.

But here’s the real nub of the issue: Trump’s immigration order is fundamentally un-American. It turns its back on the most basic of American values, and is a slap in the face to millions of Americans who are intimately familiar with the immigrant experience.

Politicians often throw around the term “nation of immigrants” or speak rhetorically about America being a “shining city on a hill.” But for many Americans those words have tangible, emotional meaning.

On one level there is the basic indecency of immigration restrictions that penalize those who have suffered the most from intolerance, hatred and war. All Americans — no matter their personal story — should be outraged by that.

Then there is the impact that such actions have on the very idea that so many Americans hold dear about what being an American means to them.

Trump’s immigration order is pointless, counter-productive, and wrong. Period. But that it would also undermine the national attribute that make so many Americans proud to be citizens of this country is unforgivable.

Shame on you, President Trump. And shame on any American who refuses to condemn this.

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