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Much Heightened Concern Over Steve Bannon

January 30, 2017

The scope of Steve Bannon’s influence in this White House is revealing itself daily, through executive orders, omissions and commissions, and even an interview where he called on the press to “keep its mouth shut” for a while.  His seemingly growing grip on a less than curious man who sits in the Oval Office who has no experience or background in government is truly a reason to have deep concern.

The anti-Jewish nature of Bannon screamed out this past week when the commemorative statement from the White House about the Holocaust failed to mention the Jewish people which were rounded up and murdered.  It was simply chilling.

But it gets worse when thinking about the future problems that we face and how Bannon will have an impact.

To national-security veterans and outside observers such your blogger, Trump’s order elevating Bannon’s role on the National Security Council is startling.  Lets cut to the core and say it totally unacceptable.

Please do not miss that at the same time a white nationalist is getting more power the same order downgrades the military and the Director of National Intelligence in considering urgent security matters. Bannon is a provocateur with alt-right ties who has publicly mused that he sees power in the “Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan” model. After the election he called for “an entirely new political movement.” Bannon now sits in the president’s formal inner circle of matters impacting war and peace.

Now go and have a nice day.  Nothing to worry about here.


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