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Muslim Travel Ban Runs Counter To The Council Against Intolerance

February 8, 2017

The Muslim travel ban from the Trump White House has made for a costly political mistake–on top of the undermining of American ideals.  The past ten days has been a messaging nightmare for an administration which thought resumes, experience, and facts do not matter.  But they do.  The absence of those ingredients has made for a national nightmare and allowed folks–the majority of voters in the nation–to be able to say ‘Told you so.’   And it took only a few weeks to make that statement.

History also has strong evidence to show that a religious test of the type Trump is hoping for is wrong and not in the theme of what made this country great.  The anti-Islamic nature of Trump and his cronies needs to be stopped.

This is not the first time that bigotry against immigrants has tried to make inroads in the nation.  In the years leading up to the Second World War, isolationist sentiment was running high.  Some misguided Americans feared that immigrants were a threat to the country.   At that time the map below, titled America–A Nation of One People From Many Countries, was published (in 1940) by the Council Against Intolerance in America to help educate those in need of some facts.

“With the exception of the Indian, all Americans or their forefathers came here from other countries,” the illustrator Emma Bourne inscribed on the map. The Council Against Intolerance commissioned Bourne’s work in an effort to remind Americans that the U.S. had always defined itself as a country of varied national origins and religious backgrounds. 


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