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This Is Exactly What I Warned About–Took Trump Only A Few Weeks To Make My Point

February 9, 2017

If you have not been following all of the news as of late you may have missed that fear has been inserted into the narrative from the White House.  We are now hearing more often the warnings from the White House about the terrorist threat and how it has grown more dire and urgent.   Seems the threat grows in proportion to the legal obstacles that Trump will need to clear for his Muslim travel ban to be implemented.  The drama is such that yesterday Trump stated “I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks, and terrorism is a far greater threat than people understand.” “Believe me,” he pleaded.

But here comes the warning I have posted over and over this past year.  First Trump is not in any way situated with experience in government or any one particular area of expertise.  Therefore he is not able to balance incoming data with past events.  He is working on a clean desk with no background.

Second is the main point and that is Trump now has no credibility on this topic of terrorism or any other.  The words of a presidential candidate matter and then the words of a person who sits in the Oval Office matters ten times more.  No one has any reason to trust Trump now on terrorism after the way he misused the public microphone over the past two years.   It’s not just the non-existent massacre in Bowling Green or the non-attack in Atlanta or the typos in the fact sheet about supposedly under-covered terrorist attacks. It’s that the Trump Administration has already made clear that “alternative facts” are real, that polls (except those Tweeted by Trump) can’t be trusted, and that “fake news” is whatever the president deems it to be. If the threat is more urgent, or becomes more urgent, not even a color-code system can solve things for a White House with a credibility problem.  Now that is a fact.

Trump is a master at spewing whatever enters his mind but he was not intelligent enough through the election process to grasp the larger implications of being the National Fool.  The best Trump can now hope for is a skit that is funny on Saturday Night Live.

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