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Pressure Is Building On Congressman Jason Chaffetz To Strike Back At Trump Family Hijinks

February 10, 2017

Taking cranky attitudes to members of congress does not just belong to the  Tea Patty types. Last night, there was an uproar at Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s town hall about his position on health care.  A woman complained that Chaffetz was trying to gut Planned Parenthood.  There was a candlelight vigil, of sorts, outside his town hall.  The crowd shouted “do your job” — a reference to his role as House Oversight chairman.

To his credit Chaffetz and Rep. Elijah Cummings sent a letter to the Office of Government Ethics yesterday, raising concerns about Kellyanne Conway’s promotion of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. The White House has expressed support for Conway. But given what happened in Chaffetz’s district, if the White House does nothing, there is every reason to expect Chaffetz will have little option but to launch some kind of probe.

As it should be.

What has taken place for personal profit by the Trump family with government outlets is not only ethically challenging but runs counter to the law.  The Trump family has money but that does not mean they are not trashy.  Now is the time to have a congressional strike-back to alert them to their shameful actions.

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