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National Security Advisor Mike Flynn Must Leave White House–Reince Priebus Too

February 13, 2017

I was first and foremost opposed to Mike Flynn being named National Security Advisor due to his dangerous views and attitudes.  His vile comments about Muslims was all one needed to hear to know that there was no place for him in government.  The fact Flynn was fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Obama presidency should underscore the fact that there is no place for him in any White House.

What we have witnessed over the past 72 hours is a White House in damage-control due to Flynn.  There is no doubt that Flynn’s job must be in peril and he must be removed after lying to Vice President Pence about his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. during the presidential transition.

But lets be clear about the larger mess that is being reported about in The New York Times and the Washington Post.  The National Security Council under Flynn’s watch is in chaos, as career staff struggle for direction or a clear vision of what the Trump Administration is looking to accomplish around the world. Meanwhile the departments of State and Defense are taking steps to sidestep Flynn and the NSC process to avoid his meddling.

All this means that Flynn, who is needed to be reliable with facts, has proven in fact to lie and distort for his own purposes.  That can not stand.  The entire NSA is now tarnished and that impedes the inter-governmental process of evaluating national security needs.

One only needs to have watched the news this weekend to know the national-security portfolio is overstuffed these days.  North Korea and Iran are both testing Trump and the pitiful attempt to paint the raid in Yemen as anything but a failure means the NSA staff have their hands full.  They do not then also need to deal with Flynn and his violation of the law about a discussion he had with the Russian ambassador.    When it comes to the politics of the matter it got really squirrely with the public stance on whether it might have happened or not.   Messaging is not a friend to this troubled, and troubling White House.

But let me add in closing that Flynn is not the only one who needs to see the exit sign up close.  I have–from DAY ONE–stated very clearly that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is way over his head and should never have been chosen for that job.  Facts show my point very clearly over the past 24 days.  He had no background in government.  There was no reason to think Priebus had the ability to undertake the biggest job in the White House other than the president.  Harken back to history and notice what President Reagan did when his internal operations were under water.  He called in–or should we say Nancy Reagan called in–Howard Baker.  If does not take me to tell my readers that Priebus is no Baker.

Let the heads roll.

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  1. Solly permalink
    March 30, 2017 11:24 PM

    So, I see Foreign Agent Mike Flynn is offering to testify in exchange for immunity. To paraphrase the hypocrite who led the chants at the Repugnant National Convention, “LOCK HIM UP!!!! LOCK HIM UP!!!!”

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