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Crisis Of Competency At White House

February 15, 2017

Recall the national chorus in 2016 that stated with all assurance if Donald Trump should somehow be elected the outcome would be chaos and crisis?  Remember how I stressed on this blog with a widget on the right hand side that a resume matters?  Recall how Democrats made it clear that governmental experience is a necessary qualification for the person who sits in the Oval Office?  Also please recall all the angry voices from conservatives who tried to spin that Trump would bring a businessperson’s professionalism and talent to the White House?

Less than a month since the inauguration and there is only one way to sum up where we are.  The United States is now in a most grave crisis of competency.

This morning our nation awoke to a devastating account of new allegations about Trump associates’ contacts with Russian government officials during the campaign.   This comes just 24 hours after the nation was left reeling after the departure of NSA Mike Flynn for what some have termed treasonous actions.  We are witnesses to statements of both Trump and senior aides which clearly are–let me be gentle here–false.

The one firm footing that many Republican congressman had was the fact Vice-President Pence was in the White House with his hand on the controls.  But that is not what has happened as we now know.  The Vice President’s office confirmed Pence only learned of Flynn’s apparent lies to him on Feb. 9 after reading about it in news reports. The President and senior staff had been briefed on the same weeks before, but never reached out to Pence or his team.  That proves troubling to a segment of the GOP caucus on the hill.  It also needs to be noted the Trump White House only came clean with the Flynn matter after it became a news story.  So to now have the White House striking out at leakers should make every red-blooded American mighty concerned.

I have stressed often on this blog that messaging and optics are so important when it comes to the presidency.  But all that can be said this morning is the Trump Administration has totally lost control of the narrative.  I would even argue they have no idea as to what a narrative means, and it they knew, could not explain why it matters.  Underhanded maneuvers and keeping the public in the dark is not the way to govern

The chaotic situation is hard to ignore as  we pour a cup of coffee and open the newspapers.  These matters of which make the news now are only going to grow.  On Capitol Hill, even Republicans were forced to expand their probe of Russian influence in the election to include Flynn’s contacts—an increase in scope that will place more scrutiny on the President.   As it should be.

Serious minds are right to ponder the impact of the drama on the nation’s standing in the world.  But did so many not warn about such matters last year during the election!  This morning a most troubling statement was made from a respected member of the military.

“Our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil. I hope they sort it out soon because we’re a nation at war,” Gen. Tony Thomas, the head of the military’s Special Operations Command, said.

In light of that news Russia is making increasingly aggressive moves toward our nation.  It all underscores the fact there is a Crisis Of Competency At White House.

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