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Major Breaking News In Wisconsin State School Superintendent Race

February 15, 2017

And it was done IN WRITING!  I think this means someone is clearly not smart enough to be seated in that office.  Yes, that means Lowell Holtz.

A  candidate for state superintendent allegedly offered an opponent a six-figure job in order to drop out of the race and sought the same for himself if he dropped out, his challenger claimed Wednesday.

Candidate John Humphries said in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal that during discussions between he and opponent Lowell Holtz about the possibility of the two working together instead of running against each other, Holtz proposed in writing that either he or Humphries should drop out in exchange for a guaranteed, three-year, $150,000 job with the Department of Public Instruction should one of them defeat incumbent Tony Evers in the general election. 

Holtz and Humphries are competing in a Feb. 21 primary election against Evers, and both are actively seeking support from conservative voters. The top two vote getters advance to the general election in April.

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