How To Think About Trump Voters (And Being Unfriended On Facebook)

So I was unfriended on FB this evening by a right-winger for beating back on a posting that attempted to explain how Donald Trump did not really mimic a disabled person.  My lying eyes!  Yet this priggish personality beats the drum for denying women the right to abortion.  Life issues for me, and most normal people, expand all the way to defending those who have disabilities. As I did.
The only disability I can not accept is the lack of energy to be educated to cast a vote for president.  Those who undermined our nation by voting for Trump can not now pretend it was just another election with no consequences.
He even allowed a video to be posted on FB that tried to spin Muslims in New Jersey as marching in support of the Twin Towers falling on 9/11.
You damn right there are two Americas and I am glad to be with the educated majority!  BTW, being unfriended on FB is like not being allowed to join the baseball team for 3rd grade recess.   Wow–the underside of this nation has a real troubling bunch of people.
And so it goes.