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Affordable Care Act More Popular Now Than Ever

February 22, 2017

One of the reasons for the loud and energized blow-back at congressional town meetings nationwide is the growing level of support for the Affordable Care Act and the tensions with those who wish to repeal it but have no idea how to replace it.   Adding to the political strain is the lack of appreciation by some among the GOP base who desire tax reform.  The fact is first there needs to be a budget package prepared with the health care component included so that a simpler procedure for passage can be used to enact the tax overhaul.  Try and explain that to an angry room who disdain civics.

The 2010 healthcare law is becoming more popular, even as it heads toward the chopping block — further complicating efforts by Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to repeal and replace it. While both Trump and Republicans in both chambers of Congress campaigned on repealing the Affordable Care Act — passed exclusively with Democratic votes and signed by then-President Barack Obama – a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows voters are now split evenly on the law. Forty-five percent of registered voters approve of the law, the poll shows, and 45 percent disapprove. In early January, before Trump took office, a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll showed only 41 percent of voters approved of the health care law, compared with 52 percent who disapproved. And now there’s little consensus on what Congress and the Trump administration should do next. Only 12 percent want to keep the law in place, while 24 percent want to repeal it entirely. But there’s a sharp divide between the 27 percent who want to repeal parts of the law, but not all of it – and the 26 percent who want to expand the existing law.”

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