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Bet You Did Not Spend Your 68 Degree Day In Madison This Way!

February 23, 2017

Everyone was loving the warmth and wonder of the past days in most of Wisconsin. In Madison we peaked at 68 degrees on Wednesday.  There  were walks to be taken, young love was in bloom I noted, and there were even out-door grills in operation.  Who had to ask for more?  And who would squander such weather by doing stupid and outlandish things?

Only losers would waste a nice spring-like day.

A drug rip-off led to a chaotic foot chase near the UW-Madison campus during Wednesday afternoon’s record heat. A young man – who had his marijuana stolen – pulled out a knife as he tried to run down one of two strong-armed robbers. Many watched as the pursuit came close to the Red Gym, and the Memorial Union. It was along Mendota Court that the robbery suspect tried to hitch a ride on a garbage truck. He leaped onto the driver’s side door and yelled at the driver: “Go! Go! He’s got a knife!” The driver said the man tried to climb into his cab. At that moment, the guy with the knife came running at the truck. “I nearly ran him over,” the driver would later tell an officer. He says the knife-wielding suspect also jumped on his truck. He ordered both men off. They complied and the chase resumed, now headed toward the Pyle Center. When the MPD arrived, passersby were holding both men down. Detectives learned the business dispute started with a rendezvous in the area. The man with the knife arrived in a car, and two suspects got in. They were to buy marijuana, but instead battered the driver and stole his pot. The second robbery suspect has not yet been caught.  

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