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NYT To Remind Nation Tonight In Prime Time Why Free Press Matters In A Democracy

February 26, 2017

From my years behind a microphone at a radio station to helping shape policy in a state legislative office, from President Reagan to President Obama, from Space Shuttle Challenger to the discovery of seven new planets last week there has been one constant newspaper in my life.    For the news I need and the insight I demand The New York Times has been one of my daily companions.  If I have any criticism of the paper it is only that never a day do I dare try a crossword puzzle in pen!

Tonight during the Academy Awards show the NYT will air a commercial that speaks for the troubling times in which we live where an authoritarian leader is attempting to undermine democracy by demeaning journalists.   Civic-minded Americans know the danger of that based on reading history.  Tonight the nation will be reminded once again why a free press matters.

Many of us already are cognizant of that fact.  What troubles me so is that we need to actually remind others in this nation to that fact.

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