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The Bar Is SO Low For Donald Trump

March 1, 2017

Today the Dow Jones soared 303 points to close above 21,000 for the first time ever.  As a result many are noting that this followed Donald Trump’s address to Congress last evening.   Mind you it is not that the speech gave investors the policy details they were seeking. It certainly did not.  In fact, Trump gave fewer specifics on major issues like tax reform, health care, and deregulation than many had expected. The key for Wall Street was the tone of Trump’s speech.  He sounded more reasonable, stable, and less unhinged than his earlier buffoon type appearances.  Some even went so far and called his tone last night presidential.

Here then is the point that was made today by the markets.

The bar is so low for Trump that if he does not grab a woman between the legs as he enters the House chamber, call news reporters the agents of the devil, or ramble on about some off-the-cuff random thoughts that enters his orange head it is considered a success.

Anyone who wonders why serious people are fearful for this nation need not ponder that any longer.

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