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Trump’s Dire Need For Muslim Travel Ban And What Liberals Have Learned

March 3, 2017

The scroll bar on the bottom of the television screen this morning announced the revised travel ban will not be forthcoming until perhaps next week.  How can that be?

Was this ban not, as Trump told everyone, critical and required for immediate national security?  So how can delay be possible in the face of such dire warnings?  The answer is of course that white nationalism is a train-wreck that once exposed shows only hate drives the engine.  The original order which made for legal pitfalls and political embarrassment for the Trump White House is dead.

The new version of the travel ban will be significantly different.  For starters, one of the seven countries – Iraq – is coming off the list entirely.  Iraq was discussed in the news when the first travel ban was signed as being problematic due to needed military relations with a close ally.   And the idea that the new order may exempt all current visas holders from all of the countries listed is a major reversal.   What started as a Muslim ban could end up being tighter restrictions on those coming from six predominantly Muslim countries, with current visa holders unaffected.

The dire nature of what Trump was spouting at the outset was just pure racism.  It was due to the liberal resistance and legal moves which prevented that order from standing.  There is a major lesson to be gained from this outcome.

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