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Kudos To Washington Island Reverend For Meryl Streep Remark

March 4, 2017

When the erratic Donald Trump took to Twitter to undermine the national treasure we call Meryl Streep–and name me a gay man who does not adore her–there was a backlash loud and clear.  From coast to coast people rebuked Trump.

Included in that long list was a letter sent to Time from the Rev. Valerie Ann Fons of Washington Island, Wisconsin.   She wrote that Streep’s lifetime achievements involved not only acting but also “the courage and voice of real life.”

Well said, and thanks!

If Lary Swoboda still represented the First Assembly District you can bet that a page staff member would have been sent out to buy the magazine so the article could have been ripped and sent to the reverend.  Attached would have been a letter reading ‘you made the news recently’, and visit sometime as my door is always open.   One can only assume the current Republican officeholder did not send such a letter.

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